Silicone collar tag with QR code

Our silicone QR code pendant is the perfect accessory for any dog owner. Designed to clip onto your dog's collar, this handy tag provides safety and worry-free security for your dog in the event of being lost or found.

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The QR code located on the tag contains the following important information:

Dog's name: Owners can easily identify their dog using their dog's name, contributing to a quick and efficient find.

Dog photo: Each tag contains a photo of the dog, allowing finders to quickly identify the animal and ensure its safe return home.

Owner's Phone Number: The finder can quickly contact the owner and reduce the dog's separation time.

Description of the dog's illnesses: If your dog has health problems, you can list them in the QR code. This information is crucial for the veterinarian or temporary caregiver to provide the necessary treatment and care.

Information for the finder: In addition to useful information, the QR code contains instructions for the finder on what to do if your dog is found. This includes information such as the owner's contact details, address and other information that can help in returning home safely and quickly.

A silicone tag with a QR code is a simple and effective way to protect your dog and ensure its safe return if lost. With this innovative safety equipment, you can have peace of mind that your pet is always protected and safe.