App Download

You can download the app for free in the Apple AppStore or in Google Play

You can register for the app using your Facebook, Google, Apple or email account. Once you have registered, you just log in with your email and your chosen password.

If you no longer wish to use Best Animal Finder, you can delete your account. Go to the "My Profile" tab in the mobile app and click on delete. Your account will be deleted along with all your data. If you decide to use Best Animal Finder again in the future, you will need to create your account again.

We recommend that you create a profile of your dog(s) so that if you need to report them lost, you can take this action with a few clicks.

Best Animal Finder users can delete or edit their dog's data at any time, or delete their dog's entire profile. To edit or delete, go to the "Dog Profile" tab and click on the green pencil next to the dog's profile to edit or the red basket to delete the entire profile.