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Best Animal Finder - a revolutionary app that reduces the time and effort needed to find a lost dog!

6 easy steps

Download the App

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Register yourself and your pets

Enter your first and last name, email and mobile. Also upload photos of your dog and enter basic information about him.

Use the App

Use the app. You will find information about vets, specialist shops, salons, training centres and shelters. You can also enter reminders for vaccinations, etc.

Report a missing dog

If your dog gets lost, it's just a few clicks to report it in the app. There is a fee of EUR 29.99 (+VAT) for adding your dog to the wanted database.

Report found dog

If someone sees a stray dog, they take a picture of it using our app and can enter various details (gender, color, tag,...).

Finding the dog

Our advanced machine learning system then compares the image of the found dog with a database of lost dogs. In the event of a close match, we notify you immediately and provide you with important information about where your dog may have been found.

Download the APP


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